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The Best Golf Vacation of Your Life

Hotel Du Palais Biarritz – France

Our aim is to provide you with The Best Golf Vacation of Your Life.

We do not promise to have the absolutely lowest price for every golf vacation, though we believe that our prices are competitive. We do provide exceptional golf vacation holiday experiences that are excellent value for money. This belief is founded on:

1. Experience

Our owner and founder is an avid lifelong golfer, and has been a certified golf teaching professional since 1996. Together with an experienced travel agent, he launched International Golf Adventures way back in 1999. Since that time, he has played golf and sent golfers to 19 countries around the world. While the majority of our clients come from the United States and United Kingdom, they have also come from faraway places like Japan, Korea, China, Dubai, Sweden, Denmark, Slovenia, Turkey, and even Saudi Arabia.

2. Attention to Detail

Every detail is arranged in advance and no detail is too small. Your wish is our command. We aim to provide you with a hassle free golf holiday, from start to finish.

3. Our Local Partners

We employ only the most highly qualified local partners around the world who enable us to guarantee you the best possible local assistance throughout your golf holiday vacation.  You will not find better on the ground local service from any other international golf tour operator.

4. Personal Access

While we have the utmost confidence in our carefully selected local partners, the personal cell phone number of our company president is given to every client before traveling. For any potential problems which cannot be resolved locally, you can call straight to the top 24/7.

5. Extra Touches

We know that air travel can be tiring. If you are flying coach class on a commercial airline, we provide you with free airport lounge passes. We cater for golf pros with groups, but if you are a group without a pro, we will find a pro to accompany your group on your vacation if you wish, or arrange for on course playing lessons locally while on your holiday.  In some of our destinations, the group organizer may receive a substantial discount if not a free holiday, a privilege normally reserved exclusively for PGA professionals.

6. Personalized Adventures

In all of our destinations, optional activities and ‘adventures’ in addition to golf are available. These vary by destination and may include wine tasting, cooking clases, spa treatments, local cultural experiences, desert and wildlife safaris, visiting the film sets of Star Wars & other films, historic sightseeing, music and sporting events, and much more.

Best Golf Vacation Holiday

Ocean Course at Hokuala

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